Mountain Path

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The Mountain Path is the first area that can be explored. It consists of mostly grassy areas, and also is home to the Keeper's Trail. The Keeper's Trail is denoted by the obelisks that depict a poem as it is traversed. It is connected to the Keeper's Stronghold to the east, the Blue Caves to the south, and Snowy Peaks to the west.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The player begins their Keeper Journey here, in the Mountain Path on the Keeper's Trail. Your Spectral Familiar explains that you must tame other Monsters in order to survive in the Monster Sanctuary.

You progress onward and capture yourself a Blob - your very first friend - by hatching it from an egg.

After traveling through the Keeper's Trail, you eventually find your way to Old Buran. He lives out here to help new Keepers in their travels. To make sure you're good enough to visit the Keeper's Stronghold, he challenges you to defeat some Blobs he's trained. Note that this battle is not a Keeper Duel but instead a regular wild battle. After this, he teaches you about Champion Monsters and forces you to fight your very first one - the Steam Golem.

Once you defeat the Steam Golem, you earn a new rank - Keeper Aspirant and are told to head off to the Keeper's Stronghold, next. He also tells you that these mysterious "Champion Monsters" have been becoming more prevalent in the Monster Sanctuary lately, but no one is quite sure of the cause.

Before you leave, Old Buran tells you of another Champion residing in the Mountain Path and gives you a Mountain Path Key required to face off against a Monk Champion.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Elements Stats
Image Name Icon attack.png Icon defense.png Icon attack.png Icon magic.png Icon health.png Icon defense.png Icon mana.png
5 Blob.png Blob Icon Water.pngIcon Earth.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness wind.pngIcon water resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐          
6 Magmapillar.png Magmapillar Icon Fire.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness water.pngIcon fire resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐        
7 Rocky.png Rocky Icon Earth.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness fire.pngIcon earth resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐         
8 Vaero.png Vaero Icon Wind.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness earth.pngIcon wind resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐         
9 Catzerker.png Catzerker Icon Fire.pngIcon Wind.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness earth.pngIcon wind resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐         
10 Yowie.png Yowie Icon Water.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness fire.pngIcon wind resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐         
11 Steam Golem.png Steam Golem Icon Fire.pngIcon Earth.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness wind.pngIcon fire resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐         
12 Monk.png Monk Icon Fire.pngIcon Water.pngIcon Wind.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness earth.pngIcon wind resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐         
61 Manticorb.png Manticorb Icon Fire.pngIcon Water.pngIcon Wind.pngIcon Neutral.png Icon weakness physical.pngIcon magical resistance.png
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐          
▐▐▐▐▐ ▐▐▐        


Map[edit | edit source]

Mountain Path.png
Icon champion.pngSteam Golem Icon heroic defense.pngOld Buran
Icon champion.pngMonk Icon gold sense.pngTreasure Hunter

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Treasure Hunter[edit | edit source]

Treasure Hunter.png

The Treasure Hunter can be found near the Teleporter Crystal. On initially talking to him, he'll explain how Teleporter Crystals work. He also has a dialogue option for additional info on where Old Buran is. He also sells some items.

Item Cost

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Icon small potion.png Small Potion 30

{{#if:Phoenix Tear|

Icon phoenix tear.png Phoenix Tear 200


Icon shell.png Shell 150

{{#if:Sustain Ring|

Icon ring.png Sustain Ring 150

Old Buran[edit | edit source]

Old Buran.png

You first encounter Old Buran at the far west side of the Mountain Path at his Blob Ranch. He helps the player by training them battling against Blobs and after that, the Steam Golem.

The player will later encounters him again at the entrance of Snowy Peaks.

Blob Mystery[edit | edit source]

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After stumbling upon the Blob Statues in Magma Chamber, your Spectral Familiar suggests that Old Buran might know the secrets behind these statues. Initially, Old Buran would deny this but then says that it is a family secret. However he will reveal the truth if the player win against his Blob team in a Keeper Duel.


Blob light.png

Blob dark.png

Ice Blob light.png
Ice Blob

Lava Blob light.png
Lava Blob

Rainbow Blob.png
Rainbow Blob

Once the player defeats Old Buran, he congratulates you and tries to explain about the statues but instead, hands a Blob Key, which is used to unlock the three Blob Locks scattered throughout the Sanctuary.

Obelisk Poem[edit | edit source]

Young Keeper,
'tis the Keepers' Trail's beginning,
for all of man, beast and Sanctuary
has beginning.

Man prospered through generations,
Founded cities and nations,
Connected by dirt and wheel
And later by steam and steel.

Man knew of those who wait
In the woods and caverns beyond,
Yet for the treasures within he longed,
For the greed of kings was great.

Man plunged into deepest abyss,
Foraged, attacked, and slew.
These endeavors were without solace,
The cost on humanity nobody knew.

But then came the four,
Free from greed or any other sin,
Who listened to the voice within,
Struck a wound to the realm's core.

From this wound, rivers flowed
And mountains grew mighty and cold.
'Tis the only place for any creature
That lives in peace with its nature.

Treasure[edit | edit source]

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Room ID Treasure Instructions
Blob Egg You defeat a Blob and obtain its egg automatically.
Vital Ring Requires breaking the wall.
Hide Requires a Flying Monster or using Double Jump Boots.
2x Copper
Diadem Requires a Flying Monster or using Double Jump Boots.
Morning Star
Impact Ring
3x Phoenix Tear
Red Gem Requires destroying the vines.
150 G Requires destroying the vines.
Skill Resetter Requires breaking the wall.
Walnut Requires destroying the vines.
Crit Ring
3x Smoke Bomb
100 G
Helmet Requires breaking the wall of the room to the right.
Wizard Hat
Pandora's Box Requires activating the Fire Orb.
2x Potion Requires activating the Water Orb.
2x Potion
Sustain Ring Requires defeating the Monk or using Double Jump Boots from the left room.
Ocarina Requires jumping down from the upper right room or using Double Jump Boots.
Harp Requires using Double Jump Boots and either a Flying Monster or a Monster that can create objects to stand on in order to get into this room.
Large Shield Requires using Double Jump Boots from the left or right room.
Gauntlet+3 Requires using Double Jump Boots and a Flying Monster.
Mana Ring+3 Requires using Double Jump Boots and a Flying Monster in order to get pass the spiked room.
Shift Stone Requires transforming into a smaller form in order to get into the room.
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